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We don't just move your possessions; we relocate your entire world with care and professionalism.

Successful Project for STENDERS

Successful Project for STENDERS

Date of service:
October 15, 2023
Complex Medical Equipment Delivery
Logistics Master Class

Complex Medical Equipment Delivery

Date of service:
September 6, 2023
Unique Order in Trapenes, Latvia

Unique Order in Trapenes, Latvia

Date of service:
July 15, 2020

Our mission is to lead the moving industry by offering services that go above and beyond customer expectations.

Our strong, dynamic team and continuous commitment towards excellence is what makes us masters within our field.

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ECO materials

Along with your possessions, the environment is also important to us. Using eco-friendly packaging materials demonstrates our dedication and sense of responsibility towards sustaining the environment.

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Global Experience

AVECTOR is your go-to worldwide relocation partner, with over 15 years of experience and success in 16 different countries. We resolve logistical problems of any complexity,maintaining our standing as a reliable and professional organization on an international level.

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Individualized Approach

We recognize that each and every one of our customers is unique. At AVECTOR, we handle each relocation individually, considering all of your needs and preferences to make sure it fits into your preferred routine.

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Professional Packing

Our top priority is keeping your possessions safe. By using high-quality velcro wrap, sturdy boxes, and specialized containers for your clothing, we make sure that all of your possessions arrive undamaged and intact.

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Solving Complex Problems

No task is too difficult for AVECTOR. From moving priceless  antiques to transporting heavy equipment, our team of professionals is always equipped and ready to tackle any challenge.

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Comprehensive Insurance

You having a peace of mind is important to us. Your belongings are given extra security and protection at every stage of transportation, as each transfer is insured up to €250,000.

About the company in numbers

We have been working since 2008
Fulfilled orders in 16 countries

Families moved*
Workplaces moved*
Machinery moved*
Deliveries made*

Our goal is to set the standard for quality in the moving sector,

and for that reason, we strive to demonstrate perfection in every aspect.

Customer feedback

We recently engaged the services of SIA AVECTOR to assist with a challenging move of our manufacturing barrels at STENDERS, the natural cosmetics manufacturer. The two 1.5-ton barrels and two 500kg barrels needed to be relocated within premises with limited height, making it a complex task. We were incredibly impressed with AVECTOR's expertise, professionalism, and precision throughout the entire process. They successfully completed the job with utmost care, ensuring the safety of our valuable equipment. We highly recommend AVECTOR for any complex and sensitive moving needs.

- Stenders

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When evaluating cooperation with ''AVECTOR'' Ltd., "KARLSBERG" Ltd. emphasizes the company's professional approach to work procedures and detailed execution of tasks. ''KARLSBERG'' Ltd. is extremely satisfied and pleased with the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by ''AVECTOR'' Ltd., which moved 49 pieces of equipment, weighing a total of 42 tons, in less than a week. Throughout our cooperation, we have observed the professionalism and responsibility of their personnel, who carry out their duties with the utmost precision. The company logged every step of the moving of the equipment and provided all the necessary equipment without involving ''KARLSBERG'' Ltd. employees. We would gladly do business with this company again.

- Karlsberg

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On September 6, 2019, the Art Academy of Latvia (hereinafter the AAL) signed Contract No. 2019-14 with "AVECTOR" Ltd., Reg. No. 40003987004, regarding the services of transportation and loading of heavy objects. The team of employees at "AVECTOR" Ltd. carefully and promptly moved a 540kg radiator from the 3rd floor to the yard, a 680kg piece of equipment from the 3rd floor to the yard, as well as a 720kg piece of equipment from the basement to the yard, as well as a stone sculpture weighing 160kg. The work was done in an orderly, high-quality manner with specialized equipment and entirely through their own resources. The team is positive and very attentive. We will be happy to cooperate with you in the future.

- Art Academy of Latvia

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AVECTOR Ltd. carried out the transportation of office furniture, equipment, belongings, and plants of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia (hereinafter MIBL) to its new premises, including disassembly, packaging, loading, offloading, unpacking, and assembly works. All the work was done professionally, promptly, and with high regard for safety. AVECTOR Ltd. operates under the supervision of professional management, listening to and ensuring our requirements and wishes are met.The AVECTOR Ltd. team was responsive and friendly in their communication. LTAB appreciates the quality of the service provided and highly recommends the company's services.


SIA "AVECTOR" has been providing regular furniture transportation services to SIA "AA Active" since 2015.SIA "AA Active" highly appreciates the successful cooperation and recommends SIA "AVECTOR" as a reliable and professional partner.

- AA Active

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In 2015, a relocation to new office premises was organized, and in order to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality communication with the company's clients, it was essential to ensure a fast and efficient relocation process. The transfer process was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, AVECTOR staff started work early in the morning, and in the first half of the day, both furniture and hardware were prepared for transportation in a very efficient and professional manner. In the second half of the day, all the furniture was delivered to the new office. On Sunday, work started early in the morning, and throughout the day, AVECTOR employees assembled the furniture and arranged it through the premises according to the company's specifications. Within two days, significant work was done to ensure the quality and continuity of the company's operations, and services were delivered quickly and to a high standard. We turned to AVECTOR again this year when we needed to relocate some of our workplaces to different areas of the same building. Once again, AVECTOR's employees demonstrated a high level of professionalism and carried out the work quickly and efficiently. AVECTOR was able to ensure an efficient relocation process that did not interfere with the company's operational quality. AVECTOR's employees were very responsive on both occasions and fully met our expectations regarding the time required for the relocation. The employees involved provided friendly and open communication, thus adding value to the service provided by the company. We highly value our cooperation and would definitely choose AVECTOR's services again.


"DATA J&S" Ltd. used the services of "AVECTOR" Ltd. for the delivery of two armoured doors from a warehouse in Riga to the customer in Daugavpils. The doors had to be delivered to a basement area, and the armour room openings had to be inserted. The weight of the doors and frame was 700 kg and 300 kg, respectively. The job was done efficiently and on time.

- DATA J & S

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We hereby certify that from August 20 to October 18, 2019, ''Avector'' Ltd. performed the transportation of office equipment and furniture for the customer in the office building of the Latvian Environmental, Geological, and Meteorological Centre at 165 Maskavas Street, Riga. The service was provided with high quality, and the work was completed within the set deadlines in accordance with the contract and work order. We are satisfied with the work performed by ''Avector'' Ltd., and we have no complaints with respect to the work carried out by ''Avector'' Ltd.

- Latvian Centre for Environment, Geology and Meteorology

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"Avector" Ltd. has provided the following transportation services for the Riga Porcelain Museum:

-transporting the exhibits of the exhibition "Latvian Contemporary Ceramics" on October 28, 2015, from Riga Porcelain Museum in Riga, Latvia, to the gallery "Outdoors Expo" at Vilnius Art Academy in Lithuania, and on December 1. 2015. - back from Vilnius to Riga.
-transporting the international traveling exhibition ‘’From Baroque to Contemporary. European Culture and Lifestyles in Ceramics*, which takes place within the framework of the European Union's Creative Europe sub-programme "Culture" project "Ceramics and its Dimensions," exhibits and exhibition furnishings on March 30, 2017, from the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design in Tallinn, Estonia, to the exhibition hall "Riga Art Space" in Riga, Latvia. The transportation services also included loading and unloading work. The cargo contained pieces from the National Museum's collection and valuable contemporary artworks made of porcelain and other ceramic materials. The cargo was professionally secured during transport, with high regard for the precious and fragile nature of the items. The services provided were delivered with quality, care, and responsibility in accordance with the agreed timetable.

- Riga Porcelain Museum

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We would like to thank the staff of "AVECTOR" Ltd. for their responsible and prompt work, friendly service and punctuality. It is always a pleasure to work with you!


We cooperate with Avector for 2 years. For all this time there have been no complaints about the quality of their work. All orders were made on time and efficiently, for which many thanks to them. We hope for further cooperation.



THANK YOU to the "AVECTOR" Collective for their great support and excellent cooperation in the creation of the exhibition of Jānis Anmanis' paintings "The Path of Light,"  dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia, at the Riga Central Market Gastronomy Pavilion on February 17–28, 2018.


AVECTOR Ltd., under a mutually agreed contract, assisted in the assembly and disassembly of the filming pavilion for the TV show "X Factor." The work on this project was carried out in accordance with the client's requirements and the regulatory enactments, and the staff involved were responsive and provided the necessary communications. AVECTOR Ltd. carried out the work to the required quality and in accordance with the deadlines. We highly value our cooperation and will continue to use the service offered by AVECTOR Ltd.


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As part of the ''STOLI SUMMIT event, it was necessary to transport a bar lectern consisting of five large and heavy parts to the third floor. The employees of AVECTOR Ltd. carried out the necessary work promptly and efficiently, with the company's management arriving in advance to assess the situation. The largest part of the bar counter weighed around 200kg and was over 3.5m in length. The staff demonstrated exceptional strength and skill in carrying out their work without damaging either the counter itself or the area through which it was being moved. The bar counter was also assembled by their team.

- Shine Event

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On November 6, 2018, ''RIGAS SILTUMS'' JSC signed a contract with ''CRC'' Ltd. for the delivery of A0 format multifunctional office equipment to ''RIGAS SILTUMS'' JSC. ''CRC'' Ltd. selected ''AVECTOR'' Ltd. for the delivery of the multifunctional office equipment due to their experience in moving equipment and 100% guaranteed material liability. We are satisfied with the high quality of the work carried out by the carrier, ''AVECTOR'' Ltd., in moving 278 kg of office equipment from the garage to the office premises on the 3rd floor. The work was carried out quickly and professionally.

- Rīgas Siltums

Regarding cooperation with ''AVECTOR'' Ltd. Since 2022, the US Embassy has been using the services of ''AVECTOR'' Ltd. for the packing and parceling of the personal belongings of US diplomats. The services of ''AVECTOR'' Ltd. have always been carried out with good quality, care, and precision, ensuring confidentiality and discretion. 'AVECTOR's employees are always understanding and responsive to the US Embassy's requests for security compliance throughout their work, in addition to being responsive to the US Embassy's urgent work requirements. Communication with ''AVECTOR'' Ltd. has always been very successful.

- Embassy of the United States of America

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On behalf of Hertz Latvia, we would like to express our gratitude to "AVECTOR" Ltd. for their excellent work in relocating our office. The team demonstrated a high level of professionalism by carefully dismantling and packing the furniture, then carefully transporting and assembling everything in accordance with our specifications. Their attention to detail and courtesy during the execution of the work were of the highest standard. Every stage of the relocation was carried out efficiently and without delay. We especially appreciate their care in keeping our assets safe. Thanks to AVECTOR, the move was smooth and stress-free. We confidently recommend AVECTOR's services to those looking for a reliable partner for office relocation.


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