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Since 2008, we have been successfully providing high quality transportation services by providing our customers with a seamless combination of professionalism, technological innovation and boundless commitment to their needs.

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We fulfill all orders that we can find, most of all it was the removal of construction waste.


Hiring of the first employee, my assistant is working together, the first regular client (interior salon) has arrived.


Buying a second machine and repairing it ourselves within 3 months to be able to work on it. The machine breaks down engine replacement repair 1700€ is a huge amount for us, rent a bushinka and a trailer to fulfill orders.


Purchase of the third car at the auction of confiscated cars, a large order for a network of gasoline stations STATOIL in Latvia and Lithuania, to fulfill this order worked 36 hours without stopping.


Buying a fourth car still do-it-yourself bills, reports, emails, estimates, hiring employees, repairing cars.


Hiring the first dispatcher, starting business training, buying three more cars we already have 7 vans of our own.


First crisis of the company minus 9000€, tax debt, buying a one way ticket from Latvia but did not fly away as I borrowed money and for 6 months became on his feet.


Company growth by 115%, financial literacy training, pay raises, employee training, move production of 49 machines in 4 days.


Company growth by 93%. Fulfillment of the first large order of PULLMAN Riga hotel - delivery of all cabinet furniture and its installation in all 154 rooms, including presidential rooms.


Company growth of 65%. Purchase of 3 cargo vans on credit, we already have 11 vans.


Performing a major move of a 6 story office building in four weeks.  Purchase of two vans, we have 13 vans.


Buying two vans, we have 15 vehicles, hiring a second dispatcher do over 1200 deliveries a month, many large regular porters.


Office move of 704 workstations in 19 days, everything dismantled, packed and transported. Purchase of a 9-seater minibus, trying to enter the Polish market.


Begin to digitalize and automate the entire company

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