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AVECTOR SIA – Rules for the Transportation and Handling of Goods.

1. Rules and Application Procedure

1.1. These rules determine the procedure for providing services by SIA AVECTOR (hereinafter referred to as AVECTOR and the Executor), the requirements for moving preparation and service execution, as well as the limitations of the services provided when transporting goods both in Latvia and on international routes.

1.2. These Rules serve as an Agreement between the Client and AVECTOR SIA.

1.3. The sender’s duty is to familiarize themselves with these rules and comply with the requirements set forth therein.

1.4. These Rules apply to each cargo transportation using the services of AVECTOR SIA.

1.5. These Rules apply and do not change, except in cases where the Client and a representative of AVECTOR SIA, who has a specially issued power of attorney for performing the indicated actions, conclude a separate agreement in this regard or make amendments to the existing rules.

2. Terms Used

Explanations of the terms used in the following text:

• Portal/Website/Site – Latvian state portal www.avector.lv.

• Cargo – individually packaged cargo.

• Delivery – one or more cargos delivered by AVECTOR SIA.

• Client/Sender – the party using the services of AVECTOR SIA to transport/package goods and is responsible for all costs associated with the delivery.

• Receiver/Recipient – the person who receives the cargo/delivery sent using the services of AVECTOR SIA.

• Parties – AVECTOR SIA and the Client.

• Pickup address/Loading address – the address where AVECTOR SIA is to pick up the delivery.

• Delivery address/Unloading address – the address where AVECTOR SIA is to deliver the cargo.

• Claim Waiver Act – a document provided to the client for signing.

• Compensation – compensation provided in case of loss or damage to the cargo.

• Costs – all expenses to be paid by the client, including the delivery itself and additional costs such as assembly/carrying/unloading costs, VAT, other taxes, insurance, and all other payment amounts collected from AVECTOR SIA users in connection with the completed Delivery (Deliveries) and other related activities.

• Agreement – the agreement between the Client and AVECTOR SIA for the provision of services.

• User – any person (legal or natural) who uses the Portal in accordance with these rules.

3. General Information

3.1. The controller of the portal www.avector.lv is SIA AVECTOR, a limited liability company.

3.2. The purpose of the portal is to provide residents and companies of Latvia and abroad with the opportunity to apply for cargo transportation services remotely in a simplified manner.

3.3. These rules establish the terms of use of the Portal and the information available on it, the limitations, and are binding on all Users. AVECTOR SIA reserves the right to amend the terms of use at any time, and these changes take effect when they are published on the Portal.

3.4. Any personal information voluntarily provided by the User to the Portal is processed in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

3.5. The Portal does not use the User’s personal data, except for the information that the User has voluntarily provided when registering as a User or using any of the e-services available on the Portal. Any information provided or received by the User in this manner will not be available to third parties.

4. Access to the Portal

4.1. The Portal is accessible to all internet users.

4.2. www.avector.lv ensures the availability of the Portal 24 hours a day.

4.3. www.avector.lv is not responsible if the Portal is unavailable due to force majeure circumstances.

4.4. Access to the Portal may be interrupted without notice in case of system failure, improvement (updates), or any other unforeseen circumstances.

5. AVECTOR SIA Rights and Responsibilities

5.1. AVECTOR SIA ensures cargo Deliveries at the User’s choice.

5.2. AVECTOR SIA provides deliveries to the recipient.

5.3. AVECTOR SIA reserves the right to introduce and change the specified and approved rates, discounts, or services published on the Portal without notice.

5.4. AVECTOR SIA is not responsible if the Sender has handed over incorrect cargo to AVECTOR SIA, indicated an incorrect Delivery address, or an incorrect pickup address. All expenses incurred as a result of these circumstances are borne and paid by the Sender. The Sender is not entitled to Compensation in cases where the cargo is incorrectly formatted or handed over for transportation to another person.

5.5. Deliveries are ensured if the precise Pickup and Delivery addresses are provided.

5.6. Clients with questions, suggestions, and complaints should contact the AVECTOR SIA office. If the Client has not contacted the AVECTOR SIA office, AVECTOR SIA is not responsible for the timely and proper resolution of the issue, and complaints in such cases are not considered.

5.7. Payments for services are made through a bank account. All prices on the portal are indicated in EUROS (EUR).

5.8. AVECTOR SIA is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client if a third party connects from the client’s side at the moment of delivery/assembly/disassembly/removal/insertion/unloading of the cargo.

6. User Rights and Responsibilities

The User must assume and guarantee:

6.1. All cargo must be safely packaged if the client packs it themselves without using additional services of AVECTOR SIA. The cargo must not cause damage to the surrounding environment or other cargo. Any cargo that is not properly packaged may be refused for transportation and may not be accepted from the client. If necessary, the client may be charged a separate fee for the proper packaging of the cargo. AVECTOR SIA is not responsible for improperly packaged cargo, and complaints in such cases are not considered.

6.2. If several cargos are transported to one address, the Client must separately indicate the weight and dimensions of each cargo to receive the appropriate service and to calculate the exact delivery price. The client bears full responsibility and covers all expenses incurred as a result of incorrectly indicated data.

6.3. For international cargo transport (outside the European Union), additional documents and information may be required. AVECTOR SIA provides all necessary documents and information, while it is the Client’s responsibility to provide AVECTOR SIA with all necessary information before the cargo transport. AVECTOR SIA is not responsible and does not consider complaints regarding cargo transports that cannot be delivered due to insufficient information or documentation. The Client undertakes to cover all additional expenses incurred due to these circumstances.

6.4. When placing an order via email/phone/website, the Client must provide precise and clear data, the exact weight and dimensions, the correct name and surname of the sender and recipient or company name, address, email address, local phone number, and cargo content description. In case of incorrect data, we have the right to refuse to accept or deliver the cargo, and AVECTOR SIA is not responsible if the delivery is delayed due to incorrect data.

6.5. The Receiver and Sender agree that shipments can be transported by land, sea, requesting all necessary documentation for the shipment of cargo.

6.6. The Client fully assumes responsibility for all costs that may arise due to the fault of the sender or recipient.

7. Delays in Delivery and Other Complicating Circumstances

7.1. Neither Party will make any claims against the other for the inability to fulfill any of the terms of this Agreement if and as long as the performance of the Agreement is impossible due to public order disturbances, natural disasters, civil war, unrest, strikes, warfare, or other events beyond the control of the Parties, or if they are delayed or prohibited by any laws or acts or regulations established by law.

8. Payment Procedure

8.1. The current carrier service price list is published on the website.

8.2. The Client can pay for the services by transfer after confirming the order data. The order is considered accepted when the money transaction has occurred.

8.3. The Client can pay for the orders by paying the received invoice. The invoice must be paid without any deductions, no later than until the cargo is handed over for transportation. If the payment is not received by the specified date, the order is canceled.

8.4. The service rates and prices indicated by AVECTOR SIA are based on the information provided by the Client on the Portal, but the final service rates and prices may differ as they are calculated according to the actual dimensions and weight of the submitted shipment.

8.5. The Client assumes responsibility for all expenses and taxes related to the shipment.

  • Name/Company name: AVECTOR SIA
  • Registration number: 40003987004
  • VAT number: LV40003987004</ li>
  • Legal Address: Riga, Vienibas Gatve 82-11, LV-1004
  • Email: avectorlv@gmail.com


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