VIP Relocation Service

Choose AVECTOR VIP Relocation Service Specializing in Exclusive and Valuable Furniture Transportation in Latvia and Europe.

Our company prides itself on partnerships with prestigious Italian furniture manufacturers and private clients whose property values reach tens of millions of euros. We ensure complete confidentiality and privacy, allowing our clients to feel secure about their privacy.

A Reliable Choice

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World-Class Service

Our 16 years of experience allow us to provide exceptional VIP relocation services. We understand the importance of your belongings and privacy, thus we offer only the highest quality services.

Honesty - Our Priority

AVECTOR guarantees high-quality VIP relocation services that save your time and resources. We continuously improve our services to ensure the best customer experience and satisfaction.

100% Material Guarantee

We guarantee safety, all VIP relocation services are insured up to 250,000 euros. Your belongings will be completely secure, thanks to our professional approach and insurance.

About the Service

VIP Relocation Service - Comfort, Safety, and Privacy in Your Relocation Process

Within the VIP service, AVECTOR offers a full range of services — from precise and careful packing to the safe delivery and unpacking at the new location. We guarantee that throughout the relocation process, clients can feel secure without worries about practical issues. Our team is trained and equipped to provide impeccable service even to the most demanding clients.

With our 16 years of experience and world-class service, we guarantee 100% material responsibility up to 250 thousand euros, confirming our complete responsibility for the safety of client property. We are a licensed company (license no 12335). AVECTOR is the leading VIP relocation service specializing in the transportation of exclusive and valuable furniture in Latvia and Europe.

Choosing AVECTOR means you are not just choosing a relocation service, but peace and security, knowing that your valuable belongings are in the best hands. We are more than a moving company — we are your reliable partner.

Contact us now to learn more about our VIP relocation services and how we can help you make a smooth and carefree move, ensuring the highest level of privacy and safety!


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