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Licensed company (License no. 12335) with 100% material responsibility.

Development and implementation of global relocation solutions with detailed logistics and documentation. We provide safe and efficient relocation services worldwide with 16 years of experience.

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World-Class Service

Our 16 years of experience allow us to provide any type of services, ensuring global relocation solutions. Each stage of relocation is conducted with meticulous planning and execution.

Honesty - Our Priority

AVECTOR guarantees high-quality international relocation services that save resources and time for our clients. We ensure complete transparency and a professional approach to every project.

100% Material Guarantee

We guarantee the safety of your belongings by providing comprehensive insurance up to 250,000 euros (policy number 842842387). Each step of the relocation is carried out with great responsibility.

About the Service

Safe and Effective International Relocation with AVECTOR

SIA ‘Avector’ offers high-quality international relocation services, ensuring a safe and effective relocation process. Our experienced team plans and implements each stage of relocation, ensuring precise logistics and documentation.

We use only the highest quality and safe packaging materials and professional methods to ensure your belongings are secure. Our specialists are trained and experienced in handling various relocation tasks, ensuring that your property is moved without risk with 100% material responsibility.

AVECTOR is insured up to 250,000 euros, ensuring you can be at ease, knowing that your belongings are fully protected. Our personalized approach means that each relocation project is tailored to your individual needs and desires.

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