Moving a 6-story office building within 4 weeks

At AVECTOR, where our mission is to set standards in the freight transportation industry, we are proud to realize projects that demonstrate our strengths, commitment to quality, and reliability. One such project was the tender we won for moving a large six-story office building in Riga, a task completed within four weeks.

Our team of professionals handled everything from dismantling and packing furniture to the transportation of appliances and decorative elements. We packed and carefully placed all office desks, armchairs, and nightstands on pallets, ensuring their safety and ease of storage. Each floor was meticulously marked and recorded on the tables we specially created.

In addition to this, we took on the responsibility of moving all the servers and office plants to the new premises, which required extra care and attention to detail.

This project not only demonstrated our ability to manage large-scale challenges but also affirmed our reputation as a leader in the moving sector for providing services that go above and beyond the standard.


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