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Working for you since 2008

Since 2008, we have successfully provided high-quality transportation services, offering our clients the highest level of professionalism and technological innovation, resulting in their trust. Our capabilities have always aligned with the client’s needs.

AVECTOR Timeline

Working for you since 2008

2008 - 2011
We handle every order we encounter, and most of them involve construction waste removal.
Hiring the first employee, working together with an assistant, the first client (interior salon) subscribes to permanent services.
Purchase of the second van and a 3-month repair period to be able to use it. The vehicle broke down, and the engine replacement cost €1700, which was a huge amount for us. Rental of a van to fulfill orders.
Purchase of the third vehicle at a confiscated vehicle auction, a large order for the STATOIL fuel station network in Latvia and Lithuania, we worked 36 hours non-stop to complete this order.
Purchase of the fourth vehicle, still personally issuing invoices, writing report emails and performing calculations, hiring employees and carrying out repair work.
Hiring the first dispatcher, starting business training, purchasing three additional vehicles, we already have 7 of our own vans.
The first company crisis – a deficit of 9000 euros, tax debt, and a one-way ticket purchase from Latvia. However, I decided to stay, took out a loan, and the company managed to recover within six months.
Company growth by 115%, financial skills training, salary increase, employee training, transportation of 49 production machines in 4 days.
Company growth by 93%. Completion of the first large order for the PULLMAN Riga hotel – delivery and installation of all furniture in 154 rooms, including luxury suites.
Company growth by 65%. Purchase of 3 cargo vans on credit, we already have 11 vans.
Completion of a significant relocation order for a six-story office building in four weeks. Purchase of 2 more vehicles, now we own 13 cargo vans.
After purchasing two more cargo vans, we now own fifteen vehicles. Hiring a second dispatcher to enable more than 1200 deliveries per month. Constant large-scale partners.
Relocation of 704 office workstations in 19 days, everything was dismantled, packed, and transported. Purchase of a 9-seater minibus, attempting to enter the Polish market.
We started digitizing and automating the entire company.


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