Production relocation in 4 days

In 2018, at the beginning of December, our company faced one of its most exciting projects: moving production equipment from Saldus to Brocēni for the Norwegian company KARLSBERG, which has production facilities in Latvia. We only had 4 days, from December 16 to 19, to accomplish this huge task.

Our task was not easy: to transport 49 machine tools, including presses, guillotines, printers, and more. We committed all of our logistical resources, using forklifts and cranes and arranging for two vans to be loaded at the same time. We paid special attention to packing and securing the cargo, especially the ink printers, which required special care in -12°C conditions.

The complexity of the assignment only fueled us. We successfully and quickly moved the entire shipment, ensuring that no machine was damaged by frost and every piece of equipment was transported safely and on time.

This case confirms our ability to effectively solve complex problems and our readiness for any challenge, making us the ideal partner for your business.

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